"Do you know what they call us? Summoner Hunters. Wings of Death. Death Gods... There must be a better way than killing them."
—Uriel's words to Akyel, Growlanser IV: Wayfarer of Time


Uriel has blonde hair that extends to her upper back and crimson eyes, her outfit consists of white robes, wrapping around her arms chest, and right leg and purple robes wrapping around her neck and waist. Her most noticable features are the four wings extending from her back, the golden spear she carries, and the golden magic circle above her head.


Uriel is very kind and compassionate, it is due to her kind personality that she broke down from killing humans and tried to reason with them, only leading to her death.


Uriel is a familiar from the future, along with Akyel, she was sent back to the past in order to stop humans from using summoning spells, as they caused an invasio from another world.

When Armada City fall to the darkness, Professor Steinman sends both her and Akyel to the past with the task of killing summoners in order to prevent humanity's demise. After 5,138 years of slaying summoners, Uriel is no longer able to handle the burden of killing naive innocents even if it is for their protection and she leaves Akyel in order to convince the humans to stop using summoning spells; asking him to give her five years. During four years of that time, she is captured, experimented on, and presumed to have been killed. A Fake Uriel was created by the humans in order to kill Akyel.

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