Dark Lord Slayn Wilder

Dark Lord Slayn Wilder

Moon Messenger Yayoi Tachibana

Moon Messenger Yayoi Tachibana

Spirit messengers are special clan in Growlanser 3: the Dual Darkness. Their whereabouts are hidden to the world and only few knows, almost only their members knew about it.

About Spirit MessengersEdit

Wind Messenger Hugh Foster

Wind Messenger Hugh Foster

Dark Lord Zion

Ancient Dark Lord Zion

Spirit Messengers are able to control spirit/element by working together with spirit fairies and possess power to manipulate elements and keep the balance of the world elements. There are 3 class for every spirit messengers: messenger, chief and lord.

Spirit MessengerEdit

The lowest class within the spirit messenger clans, they are apprentice and still in training to gain more power.

Spirit ChiefEdit

The second class of the spirit messenger clans, they have strong spiritual powers and have the responsibility to balance the elements directly. Some of them also work as advisor for the lord.

Spirit LordEdit

Spirit Lords are the highest class that a spirit messenger could have. They possess extraordinary spiritual powers and able to manipulate the entire world's spirit element that corresponds to their's. Their existence is also very important because they must keep the balance between the elements. There's only one Lord for every spirit elements and will be replaced when the last one dies.

Spirit ElementsEdit

Spirit Messengers are able to control these elements with the help of the spirit fairies. There are 6 elements known in the game:

  • Dark
  • Moon
  • Wind
  • Ground
  • Sun
  • Light