Slayn Wilder (or known as Sulain in Japanese version)
Slayn Wilder

Slayn holding his weapon

is the protagonist of the third installment of Growlanser series: Growlanser III: The Dual Darkness.


*Spoiler Warning*Edit

Slayn appears as a young boy in his teens. He was unconscious when he was found by Annette, completely unaware of what happened to him. Due to not being able to remember anything after waking up, Annette decides to give him the name Slayn Wilder. Although he initially lacked the knowledge to properly use a ring weapon, he steadily grew to improve in its use. As time went by, Slayn was viewed as a unique man. Slayn has the capabilities of seeing ghosts, spirit fairies and a fortune-teller even comments on his interesting destiny. It is later revealed throughout the story that Slayn has another personality, that of the assassin, Gray Gilbert. After learning about his true self, he realizes that he was formerly known as the "Dark Lord" prior to his previous demise.


Slayn's personality can be differed depends on player's choice. He can be kind, rude, friendly or cold even there's a playboy trait can be seen depends on the blood type and zodiac choice. It would make Slayn able to have different choice of dialogue he can use. Slayn himself is quiet and remains that way until the end. But, he talks once. *spoiler warning* if the player chose Annette to accompany him in the end with Viktor have the knowledge of Homunculus, Annette will hug him and Slayn will chose a dialogue to say to Gray. Should player chose "Sorry, Gray", Gray would reply "What are you talking about? Don't mind about it i don't have any regrets" and Slayn will reply "But, there's only one thing i regret". That's the only speech that Slayn have voiced by himself.

Skill and StatusEdit

Slayn's ring weapon will spawn him a Giant Blade, making him a good melee striker. His initial status shows high ATK and MAG, which means he is a great powerhouse in the party both physically and magically. His other statuses are fairly balanced, he can attack pretty fast due to moderately low ATW, and capable walk through battlefield quickly because of moderate level of MOV, players also won't have to worry if he got hurt because his HP and DEF (both physical and magic) is fairly high. also, since he can't be removed from the party Slayn is well-balanced and powerful enough to held on his own.

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