Growlanser III

Growlanser III: The Dual Darkness is the third installment to the popular series Growlanser created by Career Soft and published by Atlus, as well as one of the two games released in the United States in Growlanser Generations.


In a world where the sun is dying, the people on the continent of Kirschland must seek a way to save themselves. The soil is barren and the people are slowly starving to death. Countries war with each other over the scarce food left and even civil war breaks out as a kingdom is divided. Nothing is stable.

Annette rescues a young man named Slayn, who suffers from amnesia from an ordeal. His memories gradually come back and open up disturbing mysteries. To prepare for the worst in case Annette's country falls to famine, they need to find a new place to live, and set out for adventure.

The sun's spirits are dying out because of a Dark Power which Slayn seems to have. They need to solve the mystery of Slayn's identity and what it has to do with the land dying and also what it has to do with the villains seeking to kill mass amounts of people.


Slayn Wilder: A young man suffering from amnesia. He seems to be able to see ghosts.

Annette Burns: Daughter of the President of the Xironia Federation. She's concerned for Slayn and wants to help him.

Hugh Foster: A flirtacious and funny man, a fellow traveller. He seems also able to see spirits.

Monika Allenford: A half Featherian and half human girl who has a hard time fitting into society.

Raimy: A dark fairy. Fairies cannot be seen by normal humans. Slayn is able to see her though so she follows him and helps him.

Yayoi Tachibana: A woman from a foreign land. She attempts to cure Slayn's amnesia. She is a Moon Spirit Master.

Michelle Liedbulk: A girl confined to live in a secluded room because of weak immune system. Sister of Orpheus.

Viktor Hugo: A skilled engineer inventor. He made the Space-Time Fusion device.

Vincent Kreuzweir: General in the Empire Army, Orpheus' superior.

Orpheus Liedbulk: Commander of the Third Regiment, Emipire army of James' Faction.

Barbara: A sorceress acting as Court Magician for Prince James.

Clive: Supporter of Zion. He is very powerful and able to use the Invisibility Gem.

Zion: Strange man seeking to stop the Space-Time Fusion project and collect 50,000 souls.

Gerhart Orvell: Commander-in-Chief of Aggressival military.

Gray Gilbert: An assassin hired by Gerhart to kill President Burns.

Randolf: A cold-hearted assassin who operates mainly around Falkenfreuk.

Alfred Burns: The President of the Xironia Federation and father of Annette.

Annette's Mother: An unfortunate woman who died before her daughter could know her.

Theodora Wellington: Ruler of the Western lands, from the capital city of Falkenfreuk. Mother of Prince Karl.

James Wellington: Second Imperial Prince of Shelfengrif. He sought power when the Emperor was killed.

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