GIV Akyel
"A violence burst forth from me that I did not know I had. All I wanted to do was kill every last human. Maybe the only way to truly save humanity... was to destroy it, once and for all..."
—Akyel's words when he learned of Uriel's demise, Growlanser IV: Wayfarer of Time


Akyel has a fine build and blue eyes, his hair is blonde and seemingly gravity resistant; as it lovers above his head. His outfit consists of white robes that sway around his arms, chest, and down to his legs and silver robes that wrap around his neck, wrist, left thigh, leg, and foot. His most noticable features are the six white wings growing from his back and the golden spear that he carries.


At first, he comes off ass ruthless, tyranical, and murderous, but is actually very kind. He is very loyal to Professor Steinman, his crearor and cares deeply for Uriel; the news of her death is what awakened the murderous side that he did not know he had.


Akyel is a familiar from the future, along with Uriel, he was sent back to the past in order to stop humans from using summoning spells, as they caused an invasio from another world.

Akyel reports the fall of Armada City to Steinman, realizing that summoning spells are the cause of the invasion, Steinman sends Akyel and Uriel to the past with the mission of killing summoners in order to prevent humanity's destruction in the future, also giving Akyel a medallion that is effective against the darkness in the past. After 5,138 years of slaying summoners, the guilt begins to eat away at Uriel and she leaves Akyel in order to convince the humans to stop using summoning spells; asking him to give her five years. Four years later, Akyel learns of Uriel's capture and that the humans have examined her in order to create even more weapons, still he tries to hold onto the faith that Uriel has. Eventually he sees Uriel again, only it is not her but a copy of her that was created by humans and sent against him; enraged at how they have defiled her, he takes control of the Fake Uriel and starts to eliminate not only summoners, but all who use magic.

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